The association was formed in our minds (SDC Team) since the period of our medical studies. We consider the need for self-education and the desire to work in a team built carefully appropriate to complement the theoretical and practical preparation especially for resident doctors.

Having some experience in building elements of practical projects of such nature that make an integral part of the learning curve necessary for any young doctor, the association Training and Research Center “Prof. Dr. Sergiu Duca” was founded in the fall of 2013 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

      Sergiu Duca Center comes as a platform where doctors who want and believe they can put their ideas into practice, projects or studies which are required for moral and professional preparation, can achieve these goals, under the guidance and support of more experienced doctors and professionals.

Although the Center relies mainly on working with teams of doctors, students who are interested can be included in all projects, taking into account their ideas and proposals, completing the short and medium term vision in regards to their professional preparation.

Hands-on workshops, clinical studies, experimental models, preparing scientific papers, participation in congresses / conferences are some of the activities those interested can participate in, doctors and students, experts or beginners, in an academic and friendly atmosphere.