Internal Regulations of the Center The rules which are followed in all activities of the center are listed in the Internal Regulations, a document devised by members of SDC, with regards to the statue and the associations decisions. It contains administrative and organizational details, conduct in different situations and responsibilities and norms become binding upon approval by the General Assembly. Contents of Regulation can be changed depending on the interests of the Center, with the experience gained. Please find below the Internal Regulations (under construction …)

Extract from the Statute of the Association:

” Art.78 Internal Regulation (IR) are:

a)      To set the interpretation and application of the Statute CSD.

b)      The arrangement of regulation, unregulated or insufficiently detailed aspects in CSD status.

Art.79 Internal Regulations shall be adopted and amended by the General Assembly.

Art.80 Issuing technical regulations or lesser importance issues may be amended by the Internal Regulation to the Board atribution, having right, on behalf, to delegate the technical issue to the President.

Art.81 Internal Regulations shall be adopted on the basis of and in compliance with the Rules and legislation in force, and shall be applied and enforced in accordance with them. ”