Ioan Ovidiu Neaga




01 March 2010 – 31 October 2013 Research student
Analytical Chemistry Department, Faculty of Pharmacy , “Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy , Cluj-Napoca  (Romania)
– Studies of separation of analytes by capillary zone electrophoresis
– Activity in the field of gas chromatography separations





01 October 2013 – Present Ph.D student EQF level 8
University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hatieganu”, Cluj-Napoca (Romania)


01 August 2008 – 30 September 2013 Faculty of  Pharmacy EQF level 7
University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hatieganu”, Cluj-Napoca (Romania)


15 September 2004 – 15 September 2008 High school EQF level 5
National College “Emanuil Gojdu”, Oradea (Romania)
Nature Sciences





Mother  tongue(s) Romanian
Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production  
English C1 B2 B2 B2 B2
French A2 B2 A1 A1 A2


Communication skills Sociable, responsible, diligent



Job-related skills – Advanced knowledge and experience working with capillary zone electrophoresis apparatus
– Basic knowledge and concepts in operating gas chromatography



Computer skills Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Powerpoint 2010, Microsoft Excel 2010, Origin 8, ChemDraw 2011, Unscrambler 9, eDAQ Chart, Chemstation




Driving licence B1




Presentations 1)Local student events:

The Eighteenth General Assembly of the Federation of Associations of Pharmacists Students of Romania (1-4 December   2011, Cluj-Napoca), oral presentation : “Monitoring of drinking water quality parameters in Cluj  using modern separation techniques and data processing”


The Days of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Haţieganu” Cluj-Napoca 3-7 December   2012, poster: „Monitoring drinking water quality parameters using modern electrophoretic techniques”


2) National student events:

National Congress of Pharmacists Students (6-10 April 2011, Iasi), oral presentation: “ Analysis of physiological implications ions by capillary electrophoresis with capacitively coupled contactless conductimetry detection”


3)International events:

International Conference on “Water resources and wetlands” (14-16  September 2012, Tulcea), oral presentation: „Monitoring drinking water quality parameters using modern electrophoretic techniques”

4)Foreign events:

Poster, co-author. 1st Health Institute Day, Mons, Belgium, 2013

“Study of nucleic acids-ligands interactions by two different strategies. Application to Myotonic Dystrophy type I”



Publications The analysis of small ions with physiological implications using capillary electrophoresis with contactless conductivity detection – Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies;


Simultaneous Analysis of Anions and  Cations in Drinking Water by CE-C4D


Projects Student Grant funded by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Haţieganu” Cluj-Napoca: “Evaluation of physico-chemical quality parameters of drinking water in rural areas of the county Cluj by modern analytical techniques” (director of grant)



International programs „Erasmus” programme – 1 march 2013- 31 may 2013, UMONS, Belgium




Fields of interest  

Capillary electrophoresis, Conductivity detection, Multivariate analysis,                                                                                                                 Fluorescence spectroscopy, Mass spectrometry