About Us

Training and Research Center „Prof. Dr. Sergiu Duca” was founded in 2013 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, with the desire to promote medical education in surgery. Our mission is to provide extra-curricular theoretical and practical learning opportunities for surgical residents, surgical specialists, and even medical students. While the main topic of our activity is minimally invasive digestive surgery, our activities are not limited to this topic, as we have dedicated time to other surgical specialties as well.
Our association is welcoming as members all surgeons that desire to dedicate their time to our mission, that believe in a strong teamwork and are determined to promote the importance of surgical training.
Sergiu Duca Center is a platform that tries to help in different aspects of medical education and especially surgical training. Our activity includes organizing hands-on courses on different topics, organizing webinars and courses, organizing, and attending conferences and congresses, conducting research activities (including experimental and clinical studies) and teaching the first steps in research and writing a scientific paper.

Călin Popa

President Sergiu Duca Training and Research Center