We propose a series of webinars on different surgical topics, spread on the entire year, entitled “90 minutes for training in residency”. The webinars will take place on the Microsoft Teams platform, and will reunite national and international teams, comprising surgical residents as well as specialist surgeons, with an interest on different surgical branches, that will share their knowledge and experience.

     Discussions will cover the current recommendations and guidelines for certain pathologies, the personal or departmental experience, real life clinical scenarios and operative photos and videos. The session will be guided by a moderator. Each webinar will be divided in three parts: theoretical part (20 minutes), discussions (35 minutes), surgical technique – intraoperative images (35 minutes). After registration, each participant will receive an e-mail with the details of the event.

1. Liver and spleen trauma 27.02.2023

     Experienced teams from Grenoble and Tel-Aviv will join this first webinar and will share their experience and knowledge regarding the management of spleen and liver trauma. If you want to join our discussions, book a spot to our session!

Date: 27.02.2023 Time: 18:00

2. Hernia surgery

     The second webinar will focus on the treatment of abdominal wall hernias. If you want to join the discussions, you can book a spot for the online meeting or you can join us at 18:00 in the Amphitheatre of the Military Hospital Cluj-Napoca!

Date: 30.03.2023

3. Bariatric

     The third webinar will be an online meeting (Microsoft Teams), on the topic of bariatric surgery, reuniting several experts from Romania, Israel, Germany and Serbia, that will be sharing their experience and discussing the last updates and guidelines in the field.

Date: 25.04.2023
Time: 18:00

4. Esophageal surgery

     Our fourth online meeting will cover the subject of esophageal cancer. Upper GI surgeons from Romania, Italy and Israel will discuss different topics of interest and we invite anyone interested to join us!

Date: 22.05.2023
Time: 18:00

5. Gastric surgery

     Join us for another online meeting on the topic of gastric cancer. Check the schedule and book a spot!

Date: 15.06.2023
Time: 18:00

6. Colon surgery

     We invite all interested to attend our 6th meeting on colon cancer surgery.

Date: 24.07.2023
Time: 18:00

7. Rectal surgery

     Our seventh webinar will cover the subject of rectal surgery. Experienced surgeonswill share their experience and will discuss different topics of interest; we invite anyone interested to join us!

Date: 26.09.2023
Time: 18:00

8. Liver surgery

     Our next webinar will be addressing several interesting and actual issues on liver surgery. Join our webinar and participate to our discussion!

Date: 14.11.2023
Time: 18:00

9. Biliary surgery

     We invite you to attend the webinar dedicated to minimally invasive biliary surgery! Join the discussions and learn new surgical approaches from our speakers!

Date: 27.11.2023
Time: 18:00

10. Pancreatic surgery

     Join us for the last webinar of the year, dedicated to pancreatic surgery!

Date: 12.12.2023
Time: 18:00